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Product Handling

Developing new machinery to improve efficiency, resolve complex process and factory layout problems. At Heatons, we have worked closely with many customers to resolve such problems, developing new machines and advancing existing methods to fit customer requirements.

Product Conveying, Blow Lines, RoDis (packet distributer) & The Bulk Unloader are just a few examples of Heatons Engineering’s product handling capabilities. When no off-the-shelf solution exists, we will design, build, install & commission from concept to completion. We provide a full turn key capability.


Snacks/Sweets Packet Blowing Conveyors

This video tells you all you need to know about packet blowing conveyors.

Please note: the mobile number given at the end of the video is no longer current.

Call 01253 767044 for assistance.

The RODIS – Snack packet distributor

This rotary distribution device delivers one product stream to three destinations. Capable of processing 2,000 packets per minute. Incoming product is directed to three product hoppers below, each hopper supplying a multi-packing operation.

RODIS Rotary Distributor

Twin Blower System for 30g Snack Packets

These conveyors feature a reject device and rotary table for disposal of waste.

Incoming snack packets are gently agitated, resulting in any loose product falling past sensors. The reject devices identify the position of open packets and divert them to the rotary table. Good product is delivered to the blower conveyors for transfer to the multipack operation, 60m distant. These systems are currently handling 800 packets per minute.

Twin blower system with reject device

Potato Bulkhead Unloader

Mounted on the loading bay wall, bulk delivery vehicles reverse into position and the bulkhead is deployed.

The device is deployed with ‘one touch’, initiating a sequence of operations automatically deploying the bulkhead, creating a watertight seal to the back of the vehicle.

Water is discharged into the vehicle creating a flow of potatoes through the bulkhead outlet.

Once unloaded, a ‘one touch’ operation retracts the bulkhead allowing the vehicle to pull away.



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